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React.js SSR Demo

Demo of a server side rendered React.js App

The jobs on the sites are fetched from the Database, witch belongs to the Joboard Demo, through a additional Node.js Api Server.

  • rendered server side by Node.js / Express Server
  • no additional Template Engine, just React.js
  • on server site fetch Data from Api Endpoints trough the same router, wich is used on the client, before the React App is rendered on the Server, so that on renderToString() the Data is available
  • preloaded state send down to the Client, so that fetched Data from Api Endpoints is available on first client render, without the need to call the Api Enpoints again (what allready happend on server)
  • HTML Metadata Change per Site - on Jobs Detail Site the Titel from the current Job is also displayed on the TitleTag
  • Browser Routing / History

Api Endpoint and React.js App are on two different Node.js Backend Servers. NGINX is used as proxy Server for the Apps with LetsEncrypt for HTTPS SSL Certificates and automatic SSL Certificates reneval (LetsEncrypt NGINX Certboot Modul).
Both Apps are deployed in a seperate Docker Container

The sites are fully functional with Javascript disabled.