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Projects & Jobs Generator

Based on PHP - Database MySql. Backend / Frontend Projects & Jobs Generator with dynamic XML-Api's, multilanguage.

This is a demo project which has arisen from a past job. This project is extremely comprehensive, a complete list of the functions is not possible at this point.
Unfortunately, the front-end does not really show what is behind it and is therefore a showcase project rather inappropriate. But since the service also feeds the Demo Job Board, this project is not without interest.

The project has been created for an agency which offers personnel management for companies and employment intermediaries who are constantly in need of a large number of applicants worldwide. Anonymity is very important to the clients of this agency, up to the point where the qualified applicants are invited to the interview.

In order to meet these requirements, a centralized system was needed to create multi-lingual websites for different domains matching the company's profile.
On the domain jobs are advertised for different countries, including the possibility for applicants to apply for these jobs, as well as the confirmation / cancellation handling.
The web pages are also hoisted on different servers.

The required jobs per project are dynamically daily generated, depending on the settings, for different countries.
For that, projectparts are created in the backend, where all settings for the desired jobs (country, cities, titles, ...) are set. These project parts can then be assigned to collections of feeds for the XML output.

XML-Feeds: All jobs are available in different XML feeds per project, in order to be able to be fed into job boards.
Since all job boards have different XML requirements, or not all job exchanges cover all countries, the feeds are made available dynamically in different formats, with the assigned countries.
You can create as many feeds as you like, each with different settings. Different XML output templates can be assigned to the respective feeds, since all job boards in turn require different XML definitions.

Application procedure (currently deactivated!):
The application process works for the demos. The cancellation occurs after approximately 1 hour instead of normally after 10 days, if no invitation to the discussion talk took place.
A tool has been developed for the application process. The application must be confirmed to ensure that the email address is valid. After confirming the application, the applicant will receive an email with his access data to track the status of the application.
If the applicant is not selected within the set time frame, the automatic cancellation will be carried out. For this, an e-mail is sent, indicating a status change. The status "Cancellation" is then displayed on the website.
This process does not require individual cancellations, which greatly simplifies the handling of many applications.

Administration: In the backend, the projects, as well as the necessary email accounts, are created and managed.
All content, data and settings are also centrally managed in the backend, including the applicants / applications.
The required data such as countries / cities, job titles / job descriptions plus translations, salary scales for the jobs, etc., can alternatively be directly fed into the backend as Excel files.
Numerous other options, to much to list...

Demo: The backend is not public available.
Two demo projects controlled by this service can be found here:

Employer Project "Mayloyd"
Recruiter Project "Lydieve"

Different XML outputs for the projects:

"Maxloyd" Xml-Feed for Indeed job board with jobs for Italy: XML-Feed
"Maxloyd" Xml-Feed for Jooble job board with jobs for Netherlands: XML-Feed
"Maxloyd" Xml-Feed for own job board with all countries, content HTML-formated and encoded: XML-Feed

"Lydieve" Xml-Feed for Mitula job board with jobs for Colombia: XML-Feed
"Lydieve" Xml-Feed for Locanto job board with jobs for Canada: XML-Feed
"Lydieve" Xml-Feed for own job board with all countries, content HTML-formated and encoded: XML-Feed