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Web & Mobile Apps, Backend & Frontend Development, Webservices, Responsive Webdesign.

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Web Development

Frontend and backend development for web apps, pwa's and websites. SSR (server side rendering) with React.js and Node.js Server. Individual server solutions for different tasks.


Web Services

XML or JSON based interfaces. Node.js (or soon also Golang) for powerful, resource-saving servers.
Software also available as Docker Container.


Responsive Webdesign

One website for all devices. Websites based on HTML5 and CSS3, which automatically adapt to the delivering device, from desktop to mobile.


Mobile Apps

Native Apps for Android and IOS.
- Android development with Java and/or Kotlin
- IOS development with Swift
- Api / Services backend server

Cross-Platform development with React Native.
With cross-platform development, eventually up to 80% of the codebase can be used across platforms, but it can also be simply an additional layer of complexity and effort.
Whether it is worth to use e.g. React Native depends strongly on the requirements and required functionalities of the app and must be individually weighed.


Individual solutions for individual requirements

Innovative technologies for future-oriented solutions that will delight your users and drive your business forward.
Whether native apps, web apps, web pages or Api services, the possible implementations vary according the specific requirements and of course available budget.
In order to find the best technology stack for your project, I would be glad to help you with your questions and needed informations.


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